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Tellurium Lumps 4N-7N

2020-12-24 09:37:44

Element nameTe
Atomic weight127.60
Element typeNon-metallic elemental
Physical traitsTellurium powder, tellurium ingot, tellurium grain, tellurium pill, tellurium block
Product purity4N
Product specifications1kg/pcs,5kg/pcs

Tellurium Metal



Specially used in solar industry and tellurium copper alloys




91 Materials specializes in producing purified Tellurium (99.99% to 99.99999%), and in powder, shot, ingot and lump forms.


Product Description


Product NameTellurium Ingots
Density6.24 g/cm3
Physical SizeLump, Granules, Powder
Molecular FormulaTe
Melting Point449.51 °C
Boiling Point998 °C
Bandwidth0.35 eV
CAS No.13494-80-9
EINECS No.236-813-4

Used in metallurgical industry, petroleum cracking catalyst, glass colorant, thermoelectric alloy material composition, semiconductor materials, petroleum cracking catalyst.