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Bismuth pellets 1-6mm

2020-12-24 09:50:07

Element nameBi
Atomic weight208.98
Element typeMetal element
Physical traitsPowder,Pill,Ingot,Block,Crowbar
Product purity4N
Product specifications5kg/pcs,10kg/pcs


1.Purity: 99.99%

2.Particle Size: 1-6mm or as required

3.25KG/drum,or as required.


1. Heavy density 9.75g/cm3

2. Customized particle size 1-6mm 

3. High purity raw material Bismuth metal 99.99% up

4. Wide range of application like medicine, welding electrode, injection molding for plastic material, coating alloys, low melting point alloy, fuses, glass and ceramics, and rubber,etc. It is also looked on as metallurgical additives and chemical reagent.