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Indium Oxide(In2O3)4N 5N(high purity metals manufacturer,china)

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Indium Oxide(In2O3)4N 5N(high purity metals manufacturer,china)

Product Name: Indium oxide

Other Name:Indium Trioxide

Atomic formula: In2O3

Character:Light yellowish powder


Application: The kind of raw material that often be used in resistive touch screen, mainly applied for fluorescent screen, glass, ceramics,chemical reagent. Furthermore, widely used for the traditional region such as colored glass,eramics,alkaline manganese battery corrosion inhibitor,chemical reagent. In recent years, widely applied for high tech area and military area such as  Optoelectronic Industry. Especially applied for ITO target, make transparent electricity pole and transparent heat reflector material, used as flat liquid crystal displayer and demister and ice removal.

Packing: to be put into plastic drum first and then be sealed by Thermoplastic Tube

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