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Address:No.26 Shu Cheng Road, Hong Shan Zone, Wuhan City,Hubei province,China.


Wuhan Xinrong New Material Co., Ltd. is a science and technology company specializing in providing high-end, high-purity chemical raw materials for scientific and technological enterprises and research institutes. The company independently develops and operates dozens of various high-purity metal materials and compounds, and current products. There are various kinds of rare earth, transition metal materials, their compounds and targets, such as germanium, indium, bismuth, antimony, vanadium, platinum, cadmium, selenium, tellurium, antimony, etc., with a purity of 99%-99.99999%.

In addition, the company also customizes a variety of high-end chemical raw materials for customers, providing customers with a full range of customized services, the company is committed to becoming a professional "fine functional materials service providers."